Thursday, August 28, 2008

Her space : My space


I found this cool blog again and want to try do the challenges every day now!

Today it´s "I" . I made it easy ^^ and went for a capital "I", a pencil.

Later I need to go to the oral sugeron, they want to take out my "wisdom teeth" but today it´s a just a talk about it. Thank god. I never had a sugery so I´m quite nervous about it.

Bye for now


Sue Nicholson said...

Hi :-)

Welcome to HS:MS Sarah.

Great angle for your I shot :-) Love it.

Good Luck with your dentist . . . Sue :-)

Sarah said...

Hi .. watch out for HS:MS it's pretty addictive!

Your I is great :)

Hope it goes ok with the dentist, mine told me for years I would have to have my wisdom teeth out but I just ignored her and my new dentist has never mentioned it so I guess their here to stay!

(another) Sarah :)

Igotmebabe said...

Hi Sarah
Glad you are joining in. Nice 'I' shot.
Ohhhhhhhh no not the dentist. I was there yesterday, just a check up and no work needing done, so I am happy, good luck

Chris T said...

Hi hope you have as much fun with HS:MS as I do. Great angle for your I

Shannon said...

Welcome! Great angle and shot you have!

Cheyne said...

Welcome Sarah! Nice I. Hope the dentist visit goes well.

Jenn said...

Great shot! I love the angle.